When is the last time you took a “time-out” on your life’s journey to work on YOU?




Empower Boise offers you the chance to take 7 days, over 3 weekends, to do just that.  Looking at the past, present and future and making changes that impact life in very tangible ways.  Here are some testimonials from past graduates.


What would you tell a friend about Empower?


“I would tell them to invest in your life!  Communicate more effectively and learn how to process things that happen in a healthy way.”


“I gained so much from my Empower experience.  It gave me confidence in myself and the ability to love people better.  I learned the value of conflict.  I used to avoid conflict at all costs thinking I was keeping the peace but in reality, I was causing damage to myself and my relationships.”

EMPOWER: The word is simple … the meaning is profound.


Enablement. Effectiveness. Security. The rope that enables you to secure yourself when you climb the mountain, however big or small.


Empower Boise is a non-profit organization that is about providing opportunities for you to take a time-out for you; to explore the mountains (and valleys) of your life where you seek peace, joy and abundance. We strive to offer exceptional experiential training opportunities where you learn by doing, so that whatever you do in life, whether home or work, you can not only succeed, but thrive.


What does it entail?   The short answer is … doing something different. Moving a position, seeing the world differently. Most improvement training seminars involve sitting in a room with a three-ring binder and listening to a lecture while taking notes. Not here. You are in the game, getting your jersey dirty and finding out what it takes for you to create real, genuine, authentic relationships.


Explore what Empower has to offer – you won’t be disappointed.



a small group of students, as in a university, engaged in advanced study and original research under a member of the faculty and meeting regularly to exchange information and hold discussions.

the gathering place of such a group.

a meeting of such a group.

a course or subject of study for advanced graduate students.

any meeting for exchanging information and holding discussions.